We have created a graduated learning tool for you to develop your field hockey individual skills.

Your Skills Hockey System is your portable field hockey coach, that informs and supports you as a field hockey player, parent or coach. It gives clear progress tracking support to go with the skills information that you are provided, with competitive challenges to beat to increase motivation, make level progressions and keep things fun.

We have built it in answer to many questions such as those wanting to:

- improve themselves
- help people with their coaching
- get the support they don't have because of their location
- have their team/club/academy selection process more understandable and measurable.
- have their team/club/academy development process more understandable and measurable.
We aim to help improve individual field hockey skills in general with special focus to reducing geographic limitations faced by many players.

Contained is a wealth of field hockey skills collected from around the world, layered in a progressive way based on experience and real case study tests so that the resource becomes progressively more advanced and challenging.

Your skills brings current information to you, with actual game examples and is tailored to your current level, whilst helping you to track your progress.

The first skills start at the point of a person brand new to field hockey and then guide progress through the 7 levels levels available until the finish. At this finish point you would be able to do advanced skills and you are probably already part of a performance programme. Also, maybe not, but we expect you will be able to enjoy your game time more now with your increased abilities that you have developed in the process.

You can sign up to the introduction level for free to test the system out and to download a demo of this tracking tool to try it out, and get a start on earning your certificates.

Your skills has coaching support access which we aim to use to help you train, play or coach field hockey, better. 

Play the below video for a verbal Summary of the text if you prefer video and audio

Introduction - Total Beginner first time picking up a stick
Level 1 - Some experience, can hold a stick but are at the point of learning the basics
Level 2 - Some experience and skill diversity, wanting to build the important skill base
Level 3 - Adding more skill difficulty and new concepts to become better players
Level 4 - Beginning to be an advanced player with new concepts added on
Level 5 - Taking previously learnt skills into live play against opponents and adding more difficult skills. 
Level 6 - For those wanting to add some flair moves to their skill set and can do all earlier levels. 

Penalty Corner Specialist Skills - Covering all elements of the attacking penalty corner skillset - Players from level 3 ability onwards

Goalkeeper Skills -


Each Topic has tasks to complete within the levels and a challenge to test your competitive side and give you more focus to practice for. Topics will be added and developed because we know the game of hockey changes often and also we will be making improvements as time progresses

Phase 1: Ball Carrying, Push Passing, Receiving, Sweeping
Phase 2 (currently unavailable): Overhead Passing, Hitting, Shooting, Penalty Corners
Phase 3 (currently unavailable): Deflections, Leading, Tackling, Gameplay

If you’re a parent or coach of hockey players, this programme is for you. It provides clear pathways, understanding of progress and clear, personal reporting. I suggest you encourage your contacts to try Your Skills [This Website] out. It was built to help hockey grow.
— Nathaniel Joy - Hockey Coach, Player and Creater of this resource.
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