How could i use this to build into my trainings?

Your skills in training is best looked at as LEGO® pieces which are put together to make training and game performances better. You could build your trainings any order you like that flows from one to the next well. An example could be an obstacle course built using a 1. Ball carry to 3. Push pass to 2. Recieving skill and 3. Push pass again. We plan to produce some examples to refer to.

May I please have a step by step breakdown of the skill?

This isn't a golf tutorial for multiple reasons.
Firstly, to allow for individual style to develop, we have only set the task and limited key points that we are looking for because we know that these are the important parts necessary and getting more specific takes away individuality, style and adds unnecessary complications. Take a look at the way Stacy Michelson dribbles, what if her youth coach didn't accept her way of dribbling and drilled her into being orthodox? Maybe NZ hockey wouldn't have had one of the worlds' best in their team. 

Secondly, this limited information means that the viewer has to look themselves at the details. We want to encourage analysis of the video and then as a natural process they will learn to read the body signs of shifting feet, shoulders, body weight and hand grips and all those details that the wiser players on the hockey field know how to read and are very hard to coach.

Thirdly, humans can't remember and apply large amounts of information delivered to them this step by step by step by step by step way, but our 30 second verbal and visual information combined with access to a pause/play button ensures that the information is there to store in a unique style and will be more applicable, and should absorb more details useful to real hockey when they are trying the skills themselves during a game.

Am I locking myself into a certain period of time?

There is no set period that you must be a member for. Cancel your membership which is pretty much the same as 2 cups of coffee a month, at anytime. We have created the chance for you to try it out for the first 3 days for free after registering. 

Who should use it?

Anyone wanting to develop skills. Schools, clubs, individuals, parents, associations, academies. It would be the perfect take home kit for attendees to your Academies.

Is this a quick solution?

We aren't promoting your skills system to be a quick fix. Time and effort needs to go into the skills to practice them and become good at them. Our aim is to spread information to make you more aware of what is possible to practice, to grow your skills with a measured purpose and make best use of your time. We have set the challenges up at the end of each skill level to challenge you to get good enough to be able to beat the times.

How long does Each level take?

This one is an interesting one. A key purpose of this tool is to bring information to you on what is being done around the world and build you or your players up to being able to do it. People may be able to learn and progress through the skills faster than others and will take different times to complete as a result. We hope that you will be able to have friendly competition with your team mates or friends to progress the fastest. The actual time that it takes to complete stages is completely dependent on your approach to the stage, your learning rate. To give you an incentive and a barrier too, we have challenges installed that you should pass before moving on, and can send in a video of you finishing it for us to see!

Which Payment System is used?

We use a secure credit card payment system called 'Stripe', which is a competitor and similar in operation to Paypal, Stripe have high focus on safety which is a top concern of ours.
To match requirements of places with larger participant numbers, we are able to arrange for other payment options. If you that would be you, please contact us for details.

What's the step by step process? 

Step 1: Click the 'Register' option found on the web page menu.
Step 2: Complete the sign in process, choosing the level or package that you need. Kids need a parent with a credit card or the parents permission.
Step 3: Receive sign in details in email and sign in. Download the excel document for tracking your progress in that level. Watch the videos for the skills to complete.
Step 4: Practice the skills that you have access to and complete those skills to a point where you can be verified by a coach or attend a verification session, then tick the verified skills off on your excel dashboard to see your progress through the options available
Step 5: Try and beat the challenges we have at the end of each level and skill. Practice more and try again if you can't beat the challenge at times.
Step 6: Work your way to completing all of the available skills and challenges, and let us know how you are getting on, we would love to hear from you

Can you please walk through the Tracker?

Sure, here is a video for you...don't forget to save your progress...

How do I change from Level to Level as I progress with my skills or do I need to subscribe to every Level option as I progress?

We have put packages together that help with the fact that some players will be at different stages for different skills and to help make that cost effective. The launch, growth or all level packages are the ones. They help by offering multiple levels based around either all at once, just starting or competent and now wanting to be getting better. You have the option to subscribe to any levels you wish, and will get access to the level content and support for that level that you are subscribed to at the time. You could work through from start to finish of the programme only paying the base subscription rate per month or you could pay more per month (but saving in the long run) to have access to more levels and see more skills at the same time in either a package or individual level basis. If you buy individual level subscriptions, at each level border you would need to purchase another subscription for the next level and then cancel the old one that you are done with.

Can I try it out for free?

You can sign up and view the Introduction level course for free. This gives you a chance to check out how everything works with no payment obligation.  Also, should you decide to get a paid subscription and sign up but unfortunately not find it is to your liking, you could cancel your subscription within the first 3 days as they are available as a trial period and won't charge your card until after the time has passed.

Can't I just sign up for myself and share the content with others?

We encourage collaboration and training together with your friends or colleagues and to show them the videos and information that you choose to show them whilst you are practising.
The only people who have the support, personal assistance and downloads are those with valid subscriptions. You might want to point them to getting a subscription if you genuinely want to be collaborating together and creating a culture towards development.

How does booking coach time work?

An approved coach will be available to help you with your learning. We also plan to establish regular events that you could attend to have more focussed time learning and progressing. You will be able to see these events on the event tab
The individual booked coaching time available in the store is only available in packs of 10x1 hour coaching sessions, to encourage committing to enough time needed to belearning, and give you a reduced overall hourly price.
We will be expanding our network of quality coach staff to make ourselves increasingly accessible to you.
Digital support is included free in the subscription price

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